Jeremy and Jazzy (Jérémy et Jazzy) is a multiplatform brand, available in English and French, with new episodes and new albums out now! The brand supports kids, families, teachers, and caregivers to feel better, get active, and learn through the power of music.

Jeremy and Jazzy is:

  • a 58-part animated series for 4 – 7 year olds, with multi-generational appeal.
  • in English and French, and designed to help kids master either language or take the first steps toward being bilingual.
  • a collection of 55 songs and 2 albums of music for kids and families, showcasing alt-folk artist Jeremy Fisher and the afro-pop artist Aiza Ntibarikure in English and Aiza Ntibarikue and Antoine Gratton in French. Album one, Say Hello, was nominated for a JUNO for Children’s Album of the Year.  Dis bonjour, the brand’s first album in French, was released in May 2023. Album two, You Can Be Anything / Être tout ce que tu veux comes out Friday, September 8th. 
  • engaging music teachers and classrooms across Canada through the CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge for the second year in a row. Film your class singing Good Morning for a chance to win musical instruments for your school. Registration opens August 30th and submissions are due by November 22nd.
  • a free educational program called Jeremy and Jazzy Learn with more than 125 fun (and curriculum-ready) crafts and activities made for 4- to 7-year-olds that parents and educators will love. They’re designed for both home and classroom, and the program is all built with early childhood educators at Sheridan College. Also launching now in French as Jérémy et Jazzy j’apprends with more coming this fall.
  • a book series, with the first title “Turtle and Guy” available now from Indigo and Amazon.
  • an international success, airing in Canada in English and French, the US, and the UK, with a global YouTube channel that’s just passed 3 million views.


Creativity: We learn how to create songs and stories together.

Reading & Literacy: Creating simple melodies illustrate the fun in language and literacy.

Celebrating Ourselves: Our songs and stories celebrate what makes us unique and how to care for ourselves and others.

Exploration: We encourage getting out, seeing the wider world around us, being observant, active, and imaginative.

Community: We emphasize our characters working together toward a common goal.

Diversity: We are committed to diverse representation through our characters, our performers, the music we play, the instruments in our world, and our cameo appearances.

Music Theory: We create melody and song through improvisation and repetition. Tunebug sets rhythm and tempo. Instruments and musical notation are central to our imaginative world. Scripts introduce kids to music terminology found in school curricula, including tempo, rhythm, harmony, chorus, and more.

Arts & Science Education: We explore the wider natural and animal world connecting science, arts, and humanities together.

Feelings & Mental Health: We learn how to acknowledge feelings and emotions, how they inspire music and stories, and how conflict can be resolved once feelings are expressed and understood.

Theatre & Dance: Every episode is a story and a simple stage musical that engages kids in theatre, music and dance.

Helping and Sharing: We learn from people in our lives with knowledge and skills. They share with us, we share with them.

Technology: Tunebug is equipped with A.I. and embodies the latest technology in music.

Behind the Brand

Created by top Canadian comedy, children’s TV, musicians, and music producers, Jeremy and Jazzy is a 360° children’s entertainment brand which includes music, television, game, books, live performance entertainment, and e-learning, available for worldwide distribution.

The series stars award-winning musicians Jeremy Fisher (Jeremy) and Aiza Ntibarikure (Jazzy), plus celebrity musical guests. Series music is written and composed by Jeremy Fisher, who also acts as an executive producer.

Vérité Films holds all rights associated with Jeremy and Jazzy.