Do the Vampire!

This simple activity teaches kids about airborne transmission while getting them up and on their feet!

You will need a spray bottle with water and a metre stick.


One child gets to hold the spray bottle.  They will point it in one direction and spray.


Everyone else should stand in a loose circle surrounding them at varying distances and share whether they feel the spray from the bottle landing on them.  Children who do feel the spray should raise their hands.


Those who don’t feel the spray will use the metre stick to measure how far the spray reached.  


Once you know the distance, discuss what this means for germs spreading when we cough and sneeze and why we ‘do the vampire’ to keep everyone healthy!  Practice the vampire move while kids are on their feet.


Learning Outcomes:

Physical Development and Health

Mental Health: Children actively engage in activities that promote a healthy state of mind and overall well-being.


Science and Technology

Conclusions: Children draw conclusions based on their observations and/or understanding.

Observation and communication in science: Children observe their environment and use verbal and/or non-verbal cues to communicate their ideas about the characteristics of things and how they work

Natural science: Children make connections to their knowledge about the natural and physical world.