Research and Discover

This classroom activity helps students learn about bugs.

Looking for a fun classroom activity to go with the song “Stink Bug”? No problem! This “Research and Discover” project will encourage kids to use their existing knowledge and learn new things.


As a class, make a list of all the bugs your students can think of.  (Don’t forget to include Jeremy’s favourite bug on the list… the stink bug!)  Then, every day, pick a bug and research it together.


Here are some subjects you can look up about each bug.  Add your own!

  • Habitat
  • Prey
  • Predators
  • Significance to the ecosystem
  • Fun facts!


Learning Outcomes

Science and Technology

Classifying: Children classify materials, actions, people, and events.

Natural science: Children make connections to their knowledge about the natural and physical world.


Language and Communication

Grammar: Children understand and articulate proper word and sentence formation using a variety of words and phrases.

Reading: Children engage in listening to or reading for leisure and pleasure.


Social Studies

Ecology: Children understand the importance of caring for nature and begin to understand the impacts that human decisions have on the ecosystem.